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21.10.21 By Staff

Zine Fair Stalls

There’ll be over 15 different stalls and publications to check out next Sunday as a part of our Zine Fair. Hosted in the beautiful Brown’s Mart Courtyard we will also host a ‘Maker Space’ where you can cut up and create your own zine magic. Printing provided by donation.


Intentionally harsh and jagged visuals nurse soft and borderless meta commentary undertaken subliminally. smoothie of graffiti, nihilism, internal and external observation, and perspective simulation theory. these creations are made to engage independent and conscious thought/behaviour/reflections/undertakings from readers, glancers, and thinkers alike.

CDU art student collective

A contemplation on the pleasures we derive from our sense A contemplation on the pleasures we derive from our sense of touch; performance, poetry and pastels in print, a travel guide to the uprisings of the world. An eclectic collection of zines from CDU students who saw a call out for the zine fair after we all hit the submit button for our last assignment – a zine on a theme of our choice.

Cheering! presented by Clare Bizley

A happiness Zine, designed to spread some cheer in a strangers life

Cj Fraser-Bell: Fault Lines

I’ve been making and teaching zines since 2010, but I’ve only ever printed a handful of runs for the public. Come get a limited 2nd edition of Fault Lines, my full colour art and poetry zine created as Artist in Residence at the NT library in 2019, as well as some other new (and old) goodies.

Do I Seduce You? Presented by Tarzan JungleQueen

‘Do I seduce you?’ is a memoir piece that explores feminism, gender, and Tarzan’s experience as a queer-bodied human finding a voice. Sometimes there are no words or blurbs that can sum up the explosion of confusion that comes from within; the juices that need to leak out. This zine ‘Do I seduce you?’ becomes the language to an unexplainable body.

Enter Sandman // Reckless Kelly presented by Kelly Walsh

Enter Sandman is a vibrant take on the myths and realities of a space we spend a third of our lives in. A sleep scientist turned designer / illustrator, Kelly gets her kicks from the distillation of complex concepts into simple, digestable graphic forms that surprise and delight.

Evawill presented by Ciella Williams + Williams Family

Cowboi Core – all things cowboi compiled. (ciella)

Sweat Press – Highway of Lost Arts and other drawings (finn)

Horndog cartoons – Horn is the last of his species as his family all were hunted down due to their horns reputed aphrodisiac qualities … the dog is sort of his master… (todd)


I love drawing and engaging with people. So my zine would focus on a how to prepare for a collaborative creative drawing exercise. It can be used as an ice breaker, within the classroom and to gain information for a specific question. Many people express themselves in lots of different ways and the zine focuses on how simple drawings can convey sometimes than the written word.

Hell & Wholesome presented by Simone Porrovechio

Bizarre, odd, surreal – anything that my mind vomits up – that’s what you get, Sailor!

Hot Rocks presented by Tom Dews

I am very new to making zines. My zines try to convey the stunning and sexy shapes, colours and textures of the NT’s landscapes, all in a neat fold-able form. My mum said she’d never heard of zines but she thought it was cool!

How Did It Come To This? Presented by Matt Cornell

“How did it come to this?” is a zine curated by Matt Cornell (and supported by Darwin Community Arts).
It platforms collaborating artists and collectives around our home region of Asia-Pacific.
Contributors unpack their current efforts to interrogate; where are we at? how did we get here? what are our hopes for the future as actioned through our response and toil and compassion?

An offering of a broader-than-national shared identity.

I will be selling editions # 1 (Print) and # 2 (Cassette).

Jessie Adams

3 colour risograph zines and prints. Photographic artist exploring portraiture and landscapes.

Madona Whore Complex

Madonna whore complex zines are a retaliation to online censorship. A series of 3 smut zines made over two years. A glimpse into the artist life covering; kink, sexuality and incarceration.

Scribblings presented by Jeremy Garnett

A collections of the makings; a beginning of the tale. A thinker’s thoughts without remorse, unfinished yet fettered. Each story, each poem, begins with a spark: an instigating phrase. Yet most lightning seeds linger, written, but forgotten. Scrbblings collects such unfinished phrases, inter-dispersed with thunder realised. BYO context and storm.

Small Zine Volcano Distro

Small Zine Volcano stocks any free zines. Some current zines in stock include the free weekly per-zine YOU from Melbourne that recently released its issue #1000 having come out every week since November 2001, many copies of the UK per-zine Friday Night In West Ealing which recently released issue #300, Toowoomba based one page fortnightlyish per-zine Rut Zine, Sydney jazz zine Living Space, Sydney per-zine Bridges, Melbourne per-zine What Condition My Condition Was In and many many more.

Watch This Space

Zines from Watch This Space artist-run initiative in Mparntwe and beyond. We’re an art collective based in Mparntwe\Alice Springs that love zines.

Wild North Comics + Undergrowth

Wild North Comics is a brand new comic book anthology featuring collaborations between artists and writers from Darwin creative underground. Our first bumper issue crosses genres from science fiction to fantasy, Indigenous western and cyberpunk featuring writing by award-winning screen writer Philip Tarl Denson, playwright Levin A. Diatschenko, filmmaker Timothy Parish, animator Dan Hartney and creator of the Zero-Point animation series Jonathon Saunders. The issue is packed full of stunning artwork by Shilo McNamee, Anneke Putri, Mat Selwyn , Youtube animation star Danny Heilbronn and beautiful cover art by renowned visual artist Franck Gohier.

I also plan to bring a selection of older copies of zines that I have made over the last twenty years including art, poetry, comics, photography and more.