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28.04.20 By Staff

Pledge from Fringe Festivals

As the world is in the midst of mass separation, the global fringe movement has joined forces to share their vision of a new way of being and a future back together.

“As a united family of international Fringe Festivals, we maintain hope for the future. Sustaining a cohesive creative community is at the forefront of our Fringe Festivals ethos. We aim to mitigate risks for artists and support the creative ecology, during this time, by using our access to local communities.
As the period of adjustment moves to recovery, Fringe Festivals will utilise skills and connections to rebuild economic growth and access to presenting work. Fringe Festivals will continue to offer artists and all those involved, access to stabilising conversation and an open door to innovation.
The Fringe Festivals worldwide pledge is to be generous of spirit by giving time and energy, and a platform of support to re-aggregate and rebuild our creative society”.

Shared from the World Fringe network.