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02.12.22 By Staff

Musicians & roving performers

This one’s for you!

On December 12th we’ll also be opening a ‘Performance Application’ for artists looking to perform as a part of ours or someone else’s event.

  • We have a limited budget and therefore only a handful of spaces to offer.
  • We may ask you if you’re interested in performing with another show or at a venue who is looking for acts.
  • This is the perfect application for anyone wanting to perform something experimental in the Brown’s Mart Courtyard.
  • Events that we’re looking to program include: Program launch, The Opening Night Party, Closing Night Party, Awards event and pop-up courtyard performances.
  • To share the love we won’t generally program you for multiple performances but encourage you to follow up further opportunities yourself.
  • If it doesn’t work out this year there might be a better opportunity in 2024.