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08.11.19 By Staff

Darwin Fringe Awarded Match Lab Funding by Creative Partnerships Australia!

This Darwin Fringe news is hot off the press! It has just been announced The Darwin Fringe Festival have successfully won Match Lab Funding for 2020 with support from Creative Partnerships Australia!
The Darwin Fringe Festival staff, vollies and team are so excited to announce this exciting development and ambitious leap for the 2020 Festival. 

Winning Match Lab Funding provides Darwin Fringe Festival the opportunity to produce a workshop series titled From The Fringes, as part of the 2020 Festival. This awesome series of workshops will run in addition to the planned 2020 Fringe Festival, providing more depth and scope for artists, audience, friends and community to get involved in a broad range of Fringe events and delights.

To meet the Match Lab Funding and propel our workshop series to the next level we are aiming to fundraise $10,000 in the next 6 months. This will kick off on November 16th 2019.

We will be releasing updates and ways to get involved over the coming weeks! It’s time to pack up the car, sell the kids, and get into gear for a truly exciting 2020 Festival season!