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16.07.18 By Staff

2018 Fringe Award Winners

The 2018 Darwin Fringe Festival awards were held in Happy Yess on July 15, the last night of the 2018 Fringe.

The Darwin Fringe gives category awards to outstanding works in their nominated category that are bold, exciting, well executed, and shining and boundary pushing examples of their art form.

The Category Award winners for 2018 are:

Theatre Dance, and Circus: Train Lines presented by Parallax Collective

Cabaret: Vaudeville Knockout

Comedy: The Recurring Misadventure of Prince Pout III: Pout Planet


Spoken Word & Ideas: Howl

Music: Bad Habbit: Call 000

Additional award winners

The Risky. For a work/artist that is innovative and takes artistic risks: Liz Stagg for Buttstuff

Excellence in Community Arts. For an artist/ work that is accessible, engaging, is presented in line with community values and reflects stories from the community: Trevor Jenkins for Holtze Hotel

Emerging Artist. For emerging artists who we can’t wait to see more from: Ryan McArthur

Darwin Festival Pomelo. Awarded by the Darwin Festival for a work that is delicious, juicy and a little bit difficult (like a pomelo!): Matthew Van Roden for THE//TEXT//BECOMES//FLESH

Super Producer. For a producer or self producing artist who produced the sh*t out of their show: Amy Hetherington

Spirit of the Fringe. For a person who has brought the good vibes, seen shows, presented shows and embodies the Spirit of Fringe: Aimee Grey

Best Satellite Venue: The space that created a unique platform, worked well with artists and allowed audiences to try something new. Hill’s Hoist Studio.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Voted in by the people who pay to see shows! This work stands out as an experience that has bettered the life quality of their audiences. They have wowed, amazed and connected people to the point of needing to say something: Nicole Stevens presents Not As Cr*p As Last Year

The Try Hard Award. Acknowledgement of a truly exceptional volunteer (pretty hard since they all rock!): Jasmine Banister

photo of Christa Hughes by Justin Kennedy for Opening Night Party

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